This tall, dark handsome man is originally from Italy but has been living in London for the past 2 years. He’s got the most endearing accent which captivated me from the word go, long before his clothes came off! Unfortunately though, he’s got a boyfriend so don’t get your hopes up just yet ;-) That said, he went away to try and “encourage” his boyfriend to come and make a duo film. Now, I for one would just love to know what two hot young lovers get up to in bed – it would be quite a different film, what with the guys knowing exactly what did it for each other. Anyone want me to make it? Anyway, back to Aiden. He likes all the usual things but puts sex at the top of his list, followed by dining out and drinking with friends. He’s studying IT security as well as working so he’s a pretty focused young man who I am sure will win your hearts :-) I AM SORRY TO MAKE SUCH A SAD UPDATE TO AIDEN'S PROFILE. UNFORTUNATELY, HE PASSED AWAY ON MONDAY 26TH MARCH 2007 FROM MENINGITIS. OUR LOVE AND THOUGHTS ARE WITH HIM AND LUCAS, HIS PARTNER.