Well, what can I say about this guy - he’s from Birmingham, he likes men and he’s a whole lot of fun! It’s not often you find a guy that’s as smart, funny and attractive as Antony while at the same time being humble, appreciative and polite. Stranded in Plymouth after he missed the last train home, I offered him my spare bedroom and a Chinese take-away. After eating, we headed out and hit the club and as you'd expect, Antony received lots of attention from everyone as he wandered around wearing his BLAKEMASON.COM pornstar t-shirt! Anyway, we had a great night out and I dropped him at the station the following morning once our hangovers had subsided a little! One things for sure though – he can come back and feature again and again if he wants ;-) ...and to date... he's bottomed for Luke, topped for Justin and swooned for Dave... any other requests?