This rather cheeky but fun guy is from Essex in the south-east of England. He works in a gym helping other people to get fit and as you can see, he’s a great role model! Filming Dave certainly made me think about going more often… or for that matter registering ;-) Preferring guys (but having had experience of “girl sex” as he describes it) Dave likes to play as hard as he works. And I can vouch for that. I had arranged for Dave to stay overnight after his shoot but I had forgotten that I had also agreed to have dinner at a friend’s house that evening. So he came along and we had a great time before we all went on clubbing… And of course, looking the way he does, Dave attracted a lot of attention and needless to say, he didn’t end up staying in my guest bedroom! Lucky fella, eh? But seriously, he enjoyed his visit so much that he wanted to come back for a duo shoot – and blow me if he didn't ask to work with Antony...!