This fit young lad is from Bristol and he travelled down to make his solo film for us one sunny Sunday afternoon. His girlfriend came with him but she opted for the shops rather than a few hours at the studio – but I guess she’s lucky enough to see this fella everyday! Jason works as a builder but his employers won’t let him work without a shirt, hence the startling tan-line. Personally I think they should reconsider their policy – I’d certainly like to see someone like him topless working on my house! Or for that matter, wearing nothing at all. He’s a very level headed guy and enjoys drinking, socialising and working out at the gym. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he has one of the largest cocks I’ve seen? Now you know why I just had to get this guy back for another film... as if the first wasn't good enough ;-) But when they come equipped (and loaded) like Jason, who's to say he won't make another return journey, perhaps in the summer for some al-fresco fun, eh?